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Changunarayan Temple is often regarded as Nepal's oldest Hindu temple. Changu Narayan Temple is located around 20 kilometers east of Thamel and 7 kilometers north of Bhaktapur Durbar Square. This historic temple is devoted to the lord Vishnu. The temple and its grounds are littered with fifth-century stone inscriptions about Lord Vishnu.

Where is Changu Narayan Temple Located?

Changu Narayan Temple is perched atop a steep hill overlooking the Kathmandu Valley, surrounded by a Champak tree forest. The Changu Narayan area is home to people from Brahman, Chhetri, Tamang, Newar, and other communities. With the growth of tourism in this area, there are numerous medium and small-sized hotels, restaurants, souvenir stores, and so on. On the route to Changunaran, there is an old stone tap thought to have existed since the time of Lichhavi.

Changu Narayan Thanka Shop
Thanka Shop In Changu Narayan Temple

When Changu Narayan Temple Built?

Built about the third century, the temple is adorned with some of the best examples of stone, wood, and metal artistry. The historic temple has been a popular attraction for international travelers since it was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Changu Narayan Guards
Changu Narayan Temple Guard

Changunarayan Museum

There is a museum nearby for those interested in the temple's history and the Lichhavi era's King Manadeva. The museum displays many antique artifacts, including coins from various ages. It is stated that a visit to the Changunarayan Temple is required if you want to see the Valley's comprehensive cultural development. Changu Narayan Temple is revered as one of Kathmandu's four Narayanas.

Changu Narayan is Nepal's oldest temple. The two-story pagoda-style temple rises on a stone pedestal. We may also discover the temples of Lord Shiva, Ashta Matrika, Chhinnamasta, Kileshwor, and Krishna inside the central temple courtyard. The temple has four entrances, each guarded by a life-size pair of animals such as lions, Sharabha, griffins, and elephants.

Changu Narayan Temple
Construction is taking place in Changu Narayan Temple

Entrance Fee

The entrance fee for foreign nationals is 300 NPR and 200 for SAARC nationals.

The Changu Narayan Temple has severely damaged in the 7.8 magnitude earthquake. Temple restoration in its original state is taking place.

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