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Karya Vinayak Temple

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The Karya Vinayak Temple is one of the four Ganesh temples dedicated in the Kathmandu Valley.

The Karya Vinayak Temple is a Hindu temple found in Lalitpur,Bugmati around 3KM from Patan Durbar Square.​

It's a special place dedicated to Lord Vinayak, also known as Ganesha, who helps people overcome problems and brings good luck.

The temple looks really beautiful with colorful carvings and designs, and it feels very peaceful there. When you go inside, you can hear bells ringing and smell the sweet scent of incense.

People from all over come to the Karya Vinayak Temple to pray and ask for blessings. They believe that praying to Lord Vinayak here can help them with their troubles and make their wishes come true. Many visit before starting something important, hoping for guidance and success.

Inside the temple, there's a statue of Lord Vinayak decorated with flowers. People offer prayers, light incense, and give fruits and sweets as gifts.

Surrounded by green trees and with a view of Lalitpur, the Karya Vinayak Temple is a peaceful escape from busy life.

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