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In Lagankhel, the center of the Lalitpur district, near Patan Durbar Square there is a one-story pagoda-style temple called Batuk Bhairabh Temple covered in a brass roof. In contrast to other temples, this one has a stone shrine worshipped as Bhairabh in the inner sanctuary with Lord Ganesh, Lord Kumar, and Goddess Kumari. Many people think that God Minnath's family god is Batuk Bhairabh. The temple was allegedly established by King Amshuvarma of the Lichhavi Period between 595 and 621 CE after he visited Prayag, and Juddha Shumsher Rana renovated it in 1912 B.S.

Batuk Bhairav Temple Front View

When these three gods disagreed about who is the best of them, Lord Shiva manifested himself as the angry Bhairabh to frighten Brahma and Bishnu away. Brahma's five heads are thought to have been severed by Shiva when the latter countered that Brahma was superior because he was the Creator. Batuk Bhairav was created, according to the historic document Shakti Sangam from the Kali Khanda canon, to slay the demonic Aapad who received a potent blessing from Brahma. Aapad abused his power to wreak destruction on the earth, in hell, and in heaven. Gods who were furious with the devil for his crimes pooled their powers to produce a five-year-old kid. Batuk Bhairabh was the boy, a living representation of time and space. Due to his boon, Aapad could not be killed in the present, past, or future. As a result, Batuk briefly stopped time, dismembered Aapad, and saved the entire living thing.

To remove Sani Dosh, the barriers caused by the planet Saturn, they worship Batuk Bhairabh. Insomnia, indolence, and numerous losses in one's bodily, mental, and psychic well-being, as well as those of one's immediate family, ensue from a weak Saturn. In plainer language, Sani Dosh causes a decline in lifestyle and quality of life. One can find relief from their worries by worshiping Batuk Bhairabh on a given day of the week for specific days. On Saturdays, they also give food to Bhairabh's animal form, the black hounds.

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