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Baitarni Dhaam

A Hindu Temple in Lalitpur

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Baitarni Dhaam or Baitarni Dham is a peaceful, Off-beaten destination and holy place in the green hills of Gotikhel,Southern Lalitpur. It is a quiet spot for people looking for a break from the busy city. It is 50km south of the famous Patan Durbar Square. This special place is not very well-known, but it is very important for Hindu travelers who are looking for a different and less crowded place to visit.


Baitarni Dhaam is a special place that is not as famous as other holy places, but it is just as beautiful and important. It is in a small village called Gotikhel. The temple is for Hindu gods and shows the deep and rich culture of Nepal.

Going to Baitarni Dhaam is a wonderful experience for hikers.  You can visit this temple during your Simba Falls Hiking day since this is just located around 2 km away from the falls.

When people visit Baitarni Dhaam, they can get to know the local culture. The friendly people from the village and the simple country life make this religious place even more special. It’s a place where you can take a break from phones and computers and find peace within yourself.

Panoramic View Of The Baitarni Dhaam,Lalitpur
Panoramic View Of The Baitarni Dhaam, Lalitpur

Here is full route to reach Baitarni Dhaam, South Lalitpur.

  1. Lele-Chandanpur Sadak: The Long and Scenic Route
    • Distance: Approximately 45 kilometers
    • This route is a picturesque journey through winding roads, offering glimpses of rural life and stunning landscapes along the way. Make sure to pack your camera!
    • Route : Satdobato-Chapagaun-Lele-Nallu-Bhardew,Chaugharey-Thosnekhola-Katwan-Gotikhel

You can continue your travel journey toward Kaleshwor Mahadev temple,

Kaleshwor Mahadev Temple

Lord Shiva has a form known as Kaleshwor Mahadev, also known as Mahadev. Almost all of Nepal's hills have temples and monasteries at their summits. This temple is also situated in a stunning setting at the summit of a hill in South Lalitpur.

The Kaleshwor Temple is more than simply a modest plain space with a shrine to Lord Shiva, a trident, and a bell. Many people visit this location to worship Lord Shiva. The stunning view from the summit, though, is what draws the majority of visitors.

How to get To Kaleshwor Mahadev Temple?

We can get into kaleshwor temple by 1.5 hours of hike From Gotikhel, Baitarni Dhaam. There is a series of hills covered with thick woodlands. At the peak of Kaleshwor Mahadev temple, you can overlook Terai and the mountains. It could be the ideal location for a strenuous trek.

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